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About Executive Think Time®

Executive Think Time® is a program that supports executives in developing greater mastery of executive skills, including strategic planning and leadership skills.

Available as a coaching program and a book (with companion workbook), Executive Think Time® will challenge your beliefs about how you spend your time to get results.

After years of coaching hundreds of executives and managers, program creators
Ellen Fredericks and Val Williams realized that a key element was missing for today's leaders, namely, strategic think time. The Executive Think Time® model is designed to help you increase, structure, and optimize essential strategic think time that will get you out of the details and back in touch with the bigger picture. Using 4 simple steps, you will take your thinking to a higher and broader level. With Executive Think Time®, you will discover how to slow down, be less reactive, be more productive, and feel more prepared, especially about the future.

Because if you aren't thinking about the future, who is?

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