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The Executive Think Time® Coaching Program

Executive Think Time® is a comprehensive executive learning program targeted to:
  1. senior executives seeking greater mastery of executive skills;
  2. high potential leaders who are preparing to move into more senior leadership positions; and
  3. newly promoted executives transitioning into a new role.
The Executive Think Time™ Program is comprised of four modules critical to an executive's success.
Executive Foundation
An executive's strength and ultimately their success, is based on the quality of their executive foundation: the essential skills that reflect many of the attributes of a successful senior leader. Based on our experience working with hundreds of executives, we have identified the following five skills as the foundation for a senior executive's success: visioning, aligning, planning, executing and developing people. Each coaching engagement starts with the participant taking the 50 question Executive Foundation assessment. Then working with their Executive Coach, the participant will identify their strengths, create a learning plan, and begin work on the targeted skills areas.

Executive Think Time®
The cornerstone of executive success is strategic thinking and the executive's ability to create adequate reserves of time for this critical activity. This module is based on the principles and philosophies of the book by the same name "Executive Think Time - Thinking That Gets Results". In this module, the executive will learn how to increase, structure, and optimize essential strategic thinking time. In addition, participants will learn: 1) the true value and benefits of "think time" as a business skill, 2) how to be more proactive and strategic versus reactive and tactical, and 3) how to carve out time for strategic thinking.

Executive Presence
What is it that the really outstanding leaders have that other leaders do not? What is the quality, attitude, or aura that successful leaders seem to radiate? It is something as an observer we often have difficulty describing, but we recognize it when we see it. We intuitively understand that this person is a powerful person and leader. We call these elusive qualities "Executive Presence" and believe that successful executives possess presence in addition to their executive foundation and functional skills. Working with their coach, participants will enhance their executive presence to support new ways of being in the following areas: Clarity, Connection, Courage, Character, Conviction, Credibility and Charisma.

Executive Politics
Many leaders develop and possess the skills and presence to make it to the executive ranks but often do not fully appreciate the role that organizational politics play in getting results. Through the executive coaching program, the participant will learn greater politically savvy and how to better use organizational politics to achieve their results.

The program can be delivered individually or to a group.

To learn more about how this program can benefit you individually or how it can help your organization develop more effective leaders, contact us.
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