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As an executive, do you sometimes feel there's just no time to think?

You know that strategic planning is critical to your organization's success, but how do you make time to plan for the future when you're busy fighting fires and dealing with the day-to-day issues?

Executives lead busy lives, and time is at a premium. The success of your organization and your career depends on your ability to make the most strategic use of your time. But many business leaders are challenged by finding the time to THINK.

Executive Think Time® is the busy executive's secret weapon.

Executive Think Time® is a comprehensive executive learning program designed to help the busy executive strengthen and develop greater mastery in four key areas:
  • Executive Foundation – the cornerstone executive skills for Senior Leaders
  • Executive Think Time - the “how to” model for effortless strategic thinking and planning that gets results
  • Executive Presence – the behaviors needed to stand out in a highly competitive global marketplace
  • Executive Politics – the savvy to get done in the C-Suite
Available as a coaching program and as a series of books (with companion workbooks), Executive Think Time® will challenge your beliefs about how you spend your time to get results.

We invite you to learn more about how Executive Think Time® can support you and your organization.

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